Saturday, February 20, 2010

Islamic Banking In My Perspective

Peace Be Upon You

The Islamic banking is the one of the alternative choices due to global economic crisis that has been happening and is the worst since the 1930’s crisis. I believe that world economy has been going down every seven to ten years in the economic cycles because of the lousy system created by Jews (using riba’ system as a module in the businesses). Quran also mentioned this situation in verse Yusuf how Yusuf or Joseph had thought and vision while sleeping on what will happen to economy of Egypt at that time and sooner or later.

So, too many people want to switch into Islamic banking because they believe that Islamic banking could help to build up their economy as soon as possible. That is why I believe that the future of Islamic banking is very bright. In fact, people all over the world start to realize that it has ability to succeed in the middle of the huge crisis. We know that the crisis has affected to all the countries even our country also bears the effect. Besides, many small companies are forced to close down their businesses.

Clearly I can mention that the conventional banking has been messing the world economic structure. The Islamic banking appears in the midst of uncertainty to prove that it is capable in recompiling the world economic structure whereby disposal on riba’ and implementing Islamic economic system in compliance with teaching of our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w for instance murabahah, mudharabah and many else. So, I adhere to what I have mentioned that the Islamic banking has a bright future and it is acknowledged by Muslims and non-muslims even Europeans.

Sincerely by
Rafizi Ruslan - ラフィジ

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